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Women in an Inclusive Economy
Volume 14, Issue 1, December 2019

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Economics and Gender Equality: A Lens from Within
By Leonora Risse

There  is not a single country where women’s average workforce earnings match, let alone exceed, those of men. This paper considers three aspects in which the issue of gender inequalities arises and is treated within the field of economics.
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The Widening Gender Gap
By Graciela Chichilnisky

The paper provides a rational market explanation for the gender gap and why it is growing wider. A prisoner's dilemma characterizes the interaction between two institutions: the market and the family.
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Lessons for the Economy from the Stage
By Joyce DiDonato

The award-winning opera singer asks, why can’t the world mimic the stage? Her profession, begun 450 years ago, depicts women as strong, capable leaders who are applauded for being loud and audacious—and pays women equally or higher than men.
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